Electric Fences and Netting for Horses, Cattle, Goats, and other farm animals.


An Electric Fence System Is Nothing Without Its Key Accessories

Those who are into livestock management, thinking of keeping sheep, horses, goats, cattle and other farm animals without the help of electric fencing would be a tough task. There are two things that farmers fear the most about their livestock: predators attacking them or their livestock getting lost. Both of these fears are perfectly taken care of with the help of electric fencing.

But it is important to know that no electric fencing system can work without the use of electric fence accessories, essentials, and supplies. These accessories help modern farmers meet their individualized problems and also provide additional advantages. Let’s take a look at some of the most essential electric fencing accessories.


An electric fence battery can serve as both an essential and supply but that depends on what sort of electric fence system you are intending to go with. Some electric fence energizers require power from batteries. This is down to many of them not being hybrids, which can be operated using the mains. It is best to have a back-up in place and keep it in a warm, dry area when working with a battery-powered energizer.


Energizers are referred to as the heart of an electric fencing system, which is why it is always recommended to go with the best electric fence energizer. They are powered through a solar panel, a battery, or a mains power supply. While some energizers just fulfill basic jobs, others contain several features such as display screens that give diagnostical data; ports for supplements like the external solar panels; or integrated stand for use in semi-permanent fence system installations.


It doesn’t matter whether your electric fence system is installed as a permanent fixture or semi-permanent fixture, fence posts are something that serves an important role in either of the systems. Their function is to check that electric fence rope, wire, or tape are properly held and spaced on all sides of the fence perimeter. These posts also make sure that the current flowing through the fence perimeter doesn’t move out of it.

Rope, Wire, And Tape

Mostly made from the combination of copper or steel, electric fence rope, tape, and wire are essentials that do the job of disseminating current, which is rendered by the energizer, on all sides of the fence. It is important to know that not all fence posts will adapt to the above mentioned three essentials. So properly check which of the three your fence posts can work with.

While these are important essentials and supplies, you should know that there are many others as well as the electric fence testers, insulators, and much more. Electric Fence dot com has got everything related to electric fencing. You can find virtually every electric fence supplies here at Electric Fence dot com.