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Gripple Tensioners and Kits

What is a Gripple?

Gripple wire joiner is a device used to join and tension wire.  As well as to terminate and suspend wires and wire ropes.  Finally, they are also used to support false ceilings, cable baskets, and similar items. They are manufactured in Sheffield, England by Gripple Ltd.  The name derives from the fact the device both “grips” and “pulls” wire.

Wire or wire rope is inserted into a channel in the wire joiner, where it is gripped by a spring-loaded roller or wedge. It is “tensioned” by being pulled through. The channel is mirrored on the opposite side of the wire joiner which allows the second piece of wire to be joined.

It is turned thru a wire joiner through 90 degrees and combining it with wire rope.  This produces a suspension system capable of holding up substantial loads. This has given rise to a range of suspension systems, which are sold to the construction industry worldwide.

Gripple Fencing (or Gripple Fence) Items Needed:

  • Gripple Tool (also called a Gripple Tensioning Tool) OR

  • Gripple Tensioning Tool – non-torque

  • Gripple Medium Kit OR

  • Gripple Promo Pack

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