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Every Electric Fence Owner Must Have A Fence Tester In Possession

It is quite common to experience issues such as voltage drops or face grounding when it comes to fencing. It is important to identify the problem and the best way of doing that is by using a fence tester.

Importance of A Fence Tester

It is recommended for every farmer who is thinking of installing an electric fence for its livestock to have a fence tester with him/her. Those of you who already have fully set up a fencing system in place and still haven’t purchased a fence tester, it is time you buy one from Electric-fence dot com.

When buying a fence tester, make sure that it is specially made for conducting reading on an electric fence. If you compare fence testers with voltage meters, you will find that the former is better suited and quite easy to use on electric fencing.

There are many fence testers available in the market. Some have hookup clips for testing while others have a clip designed into the tester’s main body. There are many cheap options available as well that carry out the function in the simplest of the manner by indicating through a light whether the electric current is moving through the fence or not. But if you need a tester for fixing more serious tasks such as troubleshooting ground or short issues, it is advisable to go with more capable fence tester devices.

Fault Finder

The more advanced fence testers are known as electric fence fault finders. When you have to look for voltage shorts in your electric fence line, you can consider using these fault finders. Top-quality faultfinders have a big LCD display that provides you with precise voltage in kilovolts, amps readings, and direction of the fault.

With these fault finders, you can start by testing the fence charger first. If the energizer is not causing the issue, then you can move on and start testing around the area from where the fence line commences. And then continue testing the fence line as per the fault arrows that are shown on the device.

Fence testers are an amazing piece of equipment and are a must for every farmer setting up or already with an electric fence. At Electric-Fence dot com, you can find some of the best fault finders, voltmeters, and fence testers at a great price. You can buy horse fencing supplies such as netting, fence chargers, posts and rods, polytape & polyrope, etc. as well.