Electric Fences and Netting for Horses, Cattle, Goats, and other farm animals.

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Electric-fence.com is an Internet catalog store based in New Hampshire, providing electric fence and stable supplies. We do not have a retail store. We provide a complete line of materials and accessories: everything needed to complete the job. We have the largest selection of electric fence supplies for livestock fencing of any company. Need a hard to find item? Ask us and we will locate it for you.

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We sell the Dare Enforcer energizers. Over the years we have tried several brands, and have concluded that the Enforcer brand is the best value for the consumer. In addition to being high quality this line has an outstanding selection of energizers covering the entire spectrum of energizers, from the smallest to the most powerful in; 110 volt, battery powered and solar

The Dare energizers provide outstanding performance under weedy growth. They are easy to repair and provide the most output (joules) per dollar of any energizer in the market place. Our accessories include everything you need to build an electric fence, whether it’s a fence to contain horse or cattle or keep out predators. We offer an exceptionally large selection of insulators and accessories.

Our monthly specials offer outstanding savings. In this section we feature Polytape, polyrope and refurbished energizers. Our prices are very competitive, Should you find something at a lower price, please contact us and we will try and match that price.

Our links page provides information on how to plan, assemble and install electric fences. We also provide links to our suppliers. Looking for something in particular? With our on site search engine, search by name, part number or description.

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