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Things That Rookie Fencers Should Know Before Setting Up A Fence System

People keep horses for various reasons from ranch work, racing, and dressage to simply riding purposes. Regardless of the purpose, one thing that comes with keeping horses is the task of building a fence. Those who’ve just started keeping horses or thinking about it may not know how to go about the whole fencing job. Although not all fencing scenarios are the same, there are nevertheless general guidelines that every first-time fencer would find extremely helpful. Let’s take a look at them.

Spend Some Time on Planning
Start first by looking at different fencing systems and then get on with the job. The best thing would be to have a person who’s experienced in the task to help you choose a fencing system. You can also make use of books and other sources to gain some knowledge.

Do Not Make The Mistake of Being Stingy
It is a good practice to spend money wisely but not spending where it is essential will cost you in the long run. Make sure you spend money on bracing and concrete and buying posts that are pressure treated. You need to know that giving proper structure to your fence is crucial for it to last longer.

Don’t Just Go For Any Fencing
Having experience with a particular type of fence doesn’t necessarily mean that it would work well with horses. For instance, bare high-tensile wire and barbed wire might be suitable for certain livestock, but it would be wrong to use these fences for horses. The material of these fences cannot be easily seen by horses, which could cause injuries to the horses if they ran into them.

PVC fencing looks good in terms of appearance but it becomes breakable in colder temperatures. It is mostly used as a decorative fence but if you want to use it for containing horses, the best thing would be to add an electric fence with it. ElectricFence has the best electric horse fences available from some of the top makers at affordable prices.

Keep In Mind the Key Factors
Your fence system will depend on many factors. Those factors can be your horses’ temperament, size, breed, conditions of the soil, the number of time horses will spend in the pasture, the fencing area’s dimensions, and much more. Keeping these key factors in mind will help you make the right fencing decision.

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