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Wires for ElectricFencing: Polytape, Polyrope, Polywire

When it comes to electric fencing, there are various types of wire you can use to build your fences, such as steel wire, aluminum wire, high tensile wire barbed wire, polytape, polyrope, and polywire. This blog mainly focuses on poly fencing and discusses the advantages of using polywire, polytape, and polyrope (braid) in electrical fencing.

  • Polytape– if you are looking for greater visibility, buy polytape for electric fence. Polytape offers more visibility than polywire and polyrope, and is often used for horse fencing. Reinforced ripstop edges help in protecting the tape from wear and tear. The open-weave design, apart from allowing wind to pass through, reduces wear and increases the longevity of the fenceline. Specially designed splicer buckles and polytape tensioner can be used to make splicing polytape easy and to maintain tape tension as needed, respectively. For best results, energize polytape fence lines with allow impedance fence charger only. You should avoid using polytape with a continuous output charger.

  • Polywire– Polywire is more visible than traditional metal wire, lightweight, and installs easily. It can be easily tightened, spliced, repaired, and rewound. A polywire tightener can be used to maintain wire tension as needed. Another advantage of polywire is that it can be reused multiple times, making it a convenient wire for temporary, strip or rotational grazing, and pest control. Just like polytape, you should avoid using polywire with a continuous output charger.

  • Polyrope – Polyrope or braid is another excellent high-visibility choice for fence line. If you are looking for more strength, buy poly tape for an electric fence. Polytape is stronger than polywire and larger in diameter, usually¼ inch. The copper versions of polyrope offer the highest end of conductivity for your electric fence.

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