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Reasons To Consider Solar Powered Energizer

Fence charger or energizer is one of the chief parts of a fence system. It provides the fence wire with the much needed current. There are different types of energizers available in the market. The one that is being used the most by many farmers is the solar fence energizer. As the name suggests, these energizers are powered through the sun. These energizers are durable, help conserve energy, and remove the need of grid connection.

To help you understand the importance of solar fence energizer for your fence system, we have listed down some key points. Let’s take a look at them.

  • One of the main purpose of using an electric fence is to secure livestock. Often electric barbed wire fence can prove fatal for the animals. But with a solar electric fence, threat to the lives of livestock can get reduced significantly
  • Another advantage of solar fence energizer is that you do not need to forcefully set your fence system in a specific location. You have the freedom to place your fence wherever you want as the issue of power source is removed. Of course, the area where you wish to set up the solar fence should receive ample sunlight. This makes solar fence chargers an ideal option for those who are on the go most of the times for fairs, auction, or horse shows
  • If you’re someone who’s really concerned about our environment’s health and wish to do your business without harming the environment, then solar powered electric fence should definitely be your choice. You will not have to burn fossil fuels to keep your fence line working any longer
  • We’re all aware of the troubles that power outages pose in both rural and urban areas. In order for an electric fence to be truly effective, consistent supply of electricity is crucial. Without it, the purpose of an electric fence gets compromised. But if the fence charger uses sunlight then it will keep the fence hot all the time
  • Even if there’s lack of sunlight due to some reason, there is sufficient battery stored in solar powered energizer to keep the fence hot for as much as 2 weeks

As you can see from the above mentioned points, solar fence energizer is one of the essential electric fence accessories. At Electric-fence.com, you can get virtually everything related to electric fencing, including solar powered energizer.