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Reasons Why Polytape Electric Fencing Is Best For Horses

Although there are many conductor options for electric fencing in the market, the one that is considered the best for horses is polytape. Since you love your horses and want to keep them safe from all types of danger, setting up the safest electric fence should be your goal. Polytape is a fantastic conductor for carrying a charge from the fence controller to throughout the fence’s length. You can get it in different inches, such as 1/2, 1, and 2.

It is essential to note that polytape as a conductor was developed when several horse specialists realized that horses have unique fencing needs. After researching for some time, everyone agreed that polytape offers the best electric fencing to horses. We will explain to you why polytape is selected for horse fencing through the below-mentioned points.


For horses, it is not easy to clearly see a single strand of metal conductor line. They face this difficulty because of their head structure, which has been found to reduce their ability to perceive depth effectively. When using an electric fence for animals, it is essential to let the animals know their space limitations. Polytape helps you do that effectively as it is woven in widths from 1/2 to 2 inches. Horses can see polytape fencing easily through its high visibility feature.

Less Likely To Cause Injury

Always keep in mind that there will be occasions where one of your horses may run into the fence in a panicked flight. Most fencing options cause severe injuries to a horse on those occasions. Your horses will not get injured with a polytape as its lengths of tape are connected with splices that split when a horse runs into it. Polytape as a fencing option is known for not getting entangled, which will surely help keep your horses safe from injuries.

Horses’ Skin Will Remain Free of Abrasions

Many horse owners take their animals for competitions and shows. In those shows and events, a horse’s appearance plays a massive part in its overall assessment. Many fencing options use barbs or sharp edges, which often cut or abrase a horse’s skin. That does not happen with polytape as it doesn’t use sharp edges.

As you can see, polytape is a great fencing option for horse owners. If interested, you can get heavy-duty polytape electric fence from us. Our polytape is easy to use, lightweight, and highly visible. It is also UV protected and weather resistant, so you do not have to worry about its durability.