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Do These Simple Things To Make Your Electric Fence Batteries Last Longer

As a rancher, you have to make sure that your electric fence batteries last as long as they are designed to last. But the truth is, many ranchers are tired of seeing their batteries give out prematurely. Variables that affect your run-time include short circuits, temperature, battery capacity, location, etc. In this blog, we will share with you some tips that will surely help you make your electric fence batteries last longer. Let’s take a look at them.

Protect It From Heat

One of the biggest culprits that affects your batteries is heat. It makes liquid electrolyte evaporate a lot quickly, which proves detrimental for the battery. In most cases, the battery is contained in a box, which is present somewhere outside close to the fence. If you want your battery to last till its actual age, we will recommend you to keep it inside an insulated box.

Cold Is Not Good Either

Right after heat, the second most harmful element for the battery is cold. If the electric fence batteries become too cold, it will develop ice crystals that cause damage to the cells. Again, you can consider getting a small underground box to keep the battery safe from cold.

Battery Capacity

Many ranchers fail to take into account the capacity of the battery. If it is not powerful and you are using it beyond its capability every single day, then needless to say, it will give out quickly. If your battery is, for example, a 12V12Ah one, you can consider getting the 12V18Ah battery as it is more powerful and will last for a long time. Always go for a powerful battery if you do not want to face the hassle of replacing it every year.

Inspect The Fence

Do not forget to examine the fence. You may not be aware but it could be that the ground is bad and due to that, you are unnecessarily losing power. Or, there could be an insulation problem. Also, carefully check whether the wire is in touch with something that it should not be touching at all. In many cases, batteries drain faster if the wire is touching something.

Apart from doing all the above-mentioned things, you can also consider putting away the battery in the winter if you do not use your fence in this season. Switch off the system and place the battery with a smart trickle charger on it. Follow these tips and you will surely notice a difference in the lifespan of your electric fence battery. If you need to buy new, best electric fence energizers, you can get them from Electric Fence easily. We have solar fence energizers, dual purpose energizers, 110 volt energizers, and of course, battery powered energizers.