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Iguana Deterrent Fence System

Keep Iguanas away from your property with electrified netting.

  • Also ideal for  ducks, geese, dogs, rats or other small predators

This fence systems is complete. 

Florida’s Iguana Problem:

Due to Florida’s prominence in the exotic pet trade, iguanas imported as pets have escaped or been released, and are now established in South Florida. This has created unique problems for Florida’s homeowners and businesses. South and Central Florida’s subtropical climate allows these large herbivorous (plant-eating) lizards to survive, reproduce, and become part of the Florida environment.

How to Keep Iguana’s Away:

Use our Iguana Deterrent Fence System,  it works in any region or climate where you need to keep Iguanas away.  Don’t use poison for iguanas – use a safe and environmentally friendly system.


  • 42 Inch high netting x 100 foot long(can be cut to suit)(FFNP4212)
  • Single spike step-in posts at 12 1/2 foot spacing( included with the netting)
  • 50 feet of underground and hook up wire.
  • 1/2 Joule DE 200 Energizer with surge suppressor
  • 4 foot ground rod with clamp
  • Warning Signs
  • Five o Lite Fence tester.

NOTE:  More powerful 110 volt and battery powered energizers are available as options.

Need more netting    Requires an upgraded energizer. Contact us for price.

 Additional Note

  1. This kit will not harm your pets, children,  or Iguanas,, It is a deterrent system
  2. We do not install this kit,  It is a Do it Yourself kit,  Easy to install if you read the instructions.
Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 6 × 8 in