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DS 400, 1 joule Battery Energizer


DS 400, 1 joule Battery Energizer

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DS 400, 1 joule , 12 volt battery powered energizer. This is a very popular model and can be used for the control of most animals. Suggested use is for up to 1000 feet of fencing. Battery is not included. This energizer has the following features:

  • Low impedance technology
  • Modular circuitry for fast and easy repair service
  • No load voltage as measured with no fence connection-6,000 volts
        Fence load of 2000 ohms (clean wire fence) peak voltage –         4320 volts
  •    Fence load of 50 ohms (dead short) peak voltage-     1800 volts
  • Two year warranty including lightning damage.
  • Replacement components avialable directly from Dare.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 7 in