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DE 1200, 3 JOULE Energizer


DE 1200, 3 JOULE Energizer

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The DE 1200 Energizer by Dare is an Enforcer series, 110 Volt Plug In Electric Fence Energizer with 3 joule output. With ultra low impedance, the Enforcer series energizers are the best choice and better value when there is available power. The DE 1200 model:
  • Is extremely effective in keeping electric fences energized
  • Features modular circuitry for fast and easy repair service
  • Outperforms energizers rated for 75 miles ( Manufacturer’s Claim)
  • No load voltage output as measured with no fence connection – 7700 volts
  •     Fence load of 2000 ohms(clean wire) peak voltage is  5680 volts
  •     Fence load of 50 ohms (dead short)  peak voltage is 2440 volts
  •     Peak Joule output of 3.16 Joules at 100 Ohm fence load
  • Controls goats, cattle, sheep, horses, deer, and pigs (protects against coyotes and other predators)
  • Is recommended for up to 3000 feet of fencing  (Based on our field experience)
  • Comes with a TWO YEAR WARRANTY, including lightning damage protection, from date of purchase
  • Is repairable with components available from Dare Products
  • We recommend a minimum a 3 foot ground rod per joule. This unit will require 2 ground rods for optimum performance.
  • NOTE: We suggest the purchase of a voltage surge protector, (Item 2219) to help protect your investment from lightning.
  • Made in America
See our Selection Chart for helpful information on choosing the right energizer for your electric fencing needs.

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