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DPP 9600 24 joule energizer

DPP 9600 24 joule energizer


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DPP 9600, 24 JOULE Energizer

The DPP 9600 Energizer is a 110 Volt Plug In Electric Fence Energizer with 24 Joule output. With ultra low impedance this energizer delivers an electric shock through the most challenging conditions.
The DPP 9600 model:
  • The most powerful energizer manufactured in the USA (Ohio)
  • Features a fence voltage indicator that is color coded and labeled to make it easy to determine the voltage being distributed to the fence
  • Shocks through wet and heavy vegetation for the toughest electric fence conditions.
  • Features modular circuitry for fast and easy repair service
  • Controls up to 2400 acres
  • Has a peak voltage of 10,000+ volts
  • Controls large animal, exotics, wildlife and difficult-to-corral animals (protects against bears, coyotes, and other predators) .
  • Comes with a TWO YEAR WARRANTY, including lightning damage protection, from date of purchase  Longest warranty in the industry.
  • Is repairable with components available from DARE PRODUCTS
  • NOTE: We suggest the purchase of a voltage surge protector, (Item 2219) to help protect your investment from lightning
  • Made in America

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 11 in