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Take These Factors Into Account When Considering To Get A Solar Fence Energizer

As we all know, there is a growing need of switching to environment-friendly ways of doing things. Our natural resources are being over utilized and the environment is getting impacted negatively. Therefore, it makes sense for all of us to find ways of doing things, even keeping in livestock, using methods that are safe for the environment.

Renewable energy such as wind, tidal, biomass, hydro, and solar energy can be used more as energy used from these sources do not deplete. When it comes to controlling a wide variety of animals, solar powered electric fence can be used. For this type of fencing, you need solar fence energizer. However, in the market, there are many energizers available. To help you get the right energizer, we have listed some factors that need to be considered. What are those factors? Let’s find out.

Check The Strength

It is essential to make sure that the energizer you buy has enough strength to power the full length of the whole fence. Different animals have different shock requirements. If your livestock contains bigger animals, you will need an energizer that can produce a lot of power so that a stronger shock can be delivered.

Battery Charge Time

It depends on the weather how long it takes for the solar powered battery to get charged. If you happen to live in a place that is mostly cloudy and you plan on relying totally on solar power, then you might struggle. If the conditions are right, it will roughly take at least 100 watts of solar power to charge a 100-amp hour battery. It will take two or three days to fully charge the battery. 

Length of The Battery 

When batteries become worn out, they lose their ability to effectively deliver current. Such batteries would still be able to work in good sunlight conditions, but when the days become colder or winter months approach, you will notice that these batteries would struggle to operate normally. This happens because battery output is generally lower in colder weather. 


Usually, 12v battery size is considered suitable for current consumption (mA) of most energizers. Keep in mind that you must also have enough storage capacity to power the energizer in times of reduced sunlight. Also, wattage requirement is dependent on the kind of animals you have. For bigger animals like horses and Llamas, you will require a voltage of up to 5000v.

So, when considering to buy a solar fence energizer, make sure you have thought about the above-mentioned points. There are some other factors as well. So, it is best to educate yourself about solar powered fence system before investing in it. If interested, you can get in touch with Electric Fence for all your electric fence requirements from insulators, fence testers, gate handles to high tensile wire, electric fence netting, and of course, electric fence energizers.