Electric Fences and Netting for Horses, Cattle, Goats, and other farm animals.

Electric Net Fencing and Supplies for Small-Scale Livestock

Electric Fence is suitable for smaller livestock such as Sheep, Goats, Llamas, Alpacas, and Pigs.

At Electric Fence, we provide electric net fencing and supplies designed for small, rotational grazing areas. Our portable electric fence options allow small-scale farmers to manage livestock effectively.  

For small property owners, a small area electric fence allows you to safely keep small livestock. A portable electric net fencing kit can provide quick, affordable fencing for a backyard chicken run. Use step-in plastic posts for easy installation and removal.  

Electric net fencing is also ideal for subdividing larger pastures or fields into smaller sections for rotational grazing. By frequently moving your animals to fresh pastures, you improve grazing utilization.  

For portable electric fencing needs, rely on our durable and easy-to-use electric net fencing kits designed for sheep, goats, chickens, and other small livestock. 

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Our fences and fencing supplies are not just for horses, cattle, and other large animals. We also carry farm fencing ranging from deer fence to coyote fence and more.

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