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T Post Pinlock Insulators


T Post Pinlock Insulators

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An Effective Electric Fence with T Post Pinlock Insulators for Wire, Polywire & Rope


Even if your electric fence is carefully installed and maintained, power leaks will cause your animals or predator animals to disregard it as a legitimate boundary. To keep animals where they belong, it is essential to keep the power in the fence.


T Post Pinlock Insulators for Wire, Polywire & Rope will prevent the harmful electricity leaks that allow the power to seep into the ground, as well as eliminate electric shorts that damage the fence! The helpful features of this type of T post insulator include
  • Heavy cross sections that withstand the pressure of high tensile fencing
  • Solid wire holders for heavy barbed, electric fence wire (aluminum), Hi-Tensile wire, polywire, and rope (6 mm and 1/4 inch only)
  • Convenient design that snaps on and around post (no hardware required), with pinlock wire attachment
  • Size that fits 1.25 and 1.33 lb/ft T posts
  • All-weather, high density polyethylene with UV inhibitors
  • Color available : white
Our T Post Pinlock Insulators for Wire, Polywire & Rope come in packages of 25 insulators. NOT TO BE USED FOR TAPE!

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